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With our Online Auto Insurance Rater we’ll quickly be able to provide rates for multiple ‘A’ rated carriers, giving you the ability to save time and money on your auto

Renters Insurance

Renters insurance, also commonly known as tenants’ insurance is a type of insurance policy that offers cover to the renter. Think of it as a kind of homeowners’ insurance policy, except that it provides cover against major issues like theft, vandalism, as well as a fire outbreak. Similarly, the insurance policy will also give you coverage if the dwelling is not inhabitable anymore. The main purpose of this insurance policy


The motorcycle is one of the most dangerous vehicles that you can drive around the roads today. You never know what comes next when you are riding a bike. Apart from life insurance, it is always recommended that you should insure your vehicle and especially if its a motorcycle. Because the chances of getting into an accident are very likely. In some states, you are legally bound to have the

Inland Marine Insurance

Many companies offer different types of inland marine insurance policies. At Wealth Guard Insurance Group, we have designed our insurance policy to cover all aspects of property movements to provide complete peace of mind for our clients. If you are looking for an insurance policy that provides cover for construction equipment, solar panels, wind turbines, movie equipment or cameras, musical instruments, and other equipment that is on the move, you

Homeowners’ insurance

General liability

It is recommended that you have a sufficient auto liability coverage whenever you’re opting for a personal umbrella liability policy. Sadly, for each business owner, the odds of getting sued have significantly expanded in the most recent decade. General Liability protection can keep a legal suit from transforming into a budgetary disaster by giving financial protection if your business is ever sued or considered lawfully in charge of some damage


The house you own is more than bricks and mortar. For many people, the house is the biggest investment that they make in all their lives. Naturally, you will want to make sure that you protect your investment as best as you can. While most people don’t realize it, their house is constantly exposed to a variety of different threats. You need to make sure that you purchase home insurance for your property if you want to protect it.


It doesn’t matter what vehicle you drive; we offer insurance policies for all kinds of new and used vehicles. For most people, the car is one of the most expensive things they buy after their house, so it is better to get insurance coverage.


Continue caring for your family and loved ones even when you are gone from this world. The Wealth Guard Insurance Group Company can help you and your family by providing them funds for their needs like uninsured medical bills, to pay off your mortgage or other outstanding dues. Our company guarantees a comfortable standard of living at affordable prices.


Wealthguard Insurance Group is a leader in providing quality protection for thousands of individuals, families, and businesses throughout our state.


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